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Your Health

If you are healthy and take no prescribed medicines you may complete the Health Questionnaire yourself and bring it with you on the day of surgery.

If taking prescribed medications, you should arrange and attend a pre-admission check with your General Practitioner. Take the Health Questionnaire form with you to facilitate completion.

If you are diabetic or on Warfarin Therapy ask your General Practitioner to check your levels prior to surgery and forward the results to Canberra Microsurgery. Alternatively, you can bring these with you on the day of surgery.

It is important to tell us if you weigh more than 120kg. If so, it may not be advisable for you to have your procedure at Canberra Microsurgery.

Doctors' Orders

It is important to follow any pre-admission instruction given to you by your surgeon.


Your anaesthetist requests that ALL medications should be continued as normal.

If you have Diabetes (any type) we will confirm fasting and medication requirements during the pre-operative phone call.

Some procedures do require patients to cease blood thinning medications. This will be confirmed with you by your surgeon pre-operatively and again during the pre-operative phone call. Patients specifically asked to cease blood thinning medications should do so ONLY in consultation with their General Practitioner and Surgeon. Ideally these medications should be ceased for 10 days prior to surgery.

For Cataract surgery it is usually not necessary to cease ANY medications.

If in doubt please contact the surgery on 02 6217 5000 before taking any action. Following surgery all medications should be resumed.

Asthma and Angina

If you suffer from asthma or angina, bring your medications on the day of surgery.


Patients with Diabetes will be required to fast and alter their usual medication on the day of admission.

Detailed instructions will be provided to you by our nurses at the pre-operative call. It is important for you to follow these directions exactly.

If in doubt please call the nursing team on 02 6217 5000.


All patients are required to fast for 6 hours prior to surgery i.e. no food or milk. You may have clear fluids i.e. water or apple juice up until 2 hours before surgery.

If you have routine medications to take, you may do so with a sip of water. Please note Diabetic patients will be given specific information about fasting and medication at the pre-operative call.

Smoking and Alcohol

Alcohol should not be consumed prior to surgery as it may interact with some medications.

Do not smoke prior to surgery.

Transport and Care

You must be accompanied by a relative or friend who will be able to escort you home and stay with you overnight. You will not be able to drive for 24 hours after the procedure.

Most patients will need to attend a post-operative appointment the next day. Please ensure your carer is aware that they will need to escort you to this appointment also.

Interstate travellers do not necessarily have to stay in Canberra on the night of their surgery but you still must be accompanied as above. Overnight accommodation is not available at Canberra Microsurgery.

Assistance with English and Cultural concerns

To enable us to provide the best environment for your surgery please discuss any concerns with our staff prior to admission.